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Stop it, God

Yesterday my three-year-old came up to me crying because he bumped his head. A few minutes later, he smashed his finger in his toy truck. As I was hugging and consoling him, I sympathized, “You’re just having a really tough time today, aren’t you?” To which he sobbed, “Yeah, God needs to stop doing that … Continue reading

Monday Morning Truth: Do You Want to be Healed?

In a sermon a few weeks ago, one of the pastors at my church preached on the story of the invalid in John 5. I’ve read it before (many times), but he drew some things out of the text that I had never considered…things that really struck home with me. “Some time later, Jesus went up to Jerusalem … Continue reading

I Can’t But I Am

Being in an abusive marriage was indescribably hard, and I said “I can’t do this” more times than I could count. Some days, the hopelessness was choking, like an unrelenting pair of hands around my throat. Sometimes I thought about hurting myself, but as a Christian, I just couldn’t do that. So the pain would reduce me to curling up … Continue reading