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Building Gratitude

So as I’m working on controlling my attitude, one of the ways I’m working on that is to focus on building more gratitude in my heart. I think too much about the things I don’t have, the things that don’t go right, the ways people don’t do what I want them to… It’s so negative. … Continue reading

The Not-So-Good Ol’ Days

Ian and I drove past a restaurant the other day. I don’t remember the name of it. We only went there once, a long time ago. It hit me how much has changed since we were there. The anxiety starts gnawing at my stomach the second he suggests going there. I don’t know what kind … Continue reading

A Reality Check for My Girlfriends

I have several women in my life whom I am blessed enough to call 2AM friends…you know, the kind that I could call in the middle of the night if I needed to. They are incredible. Truly. But you know what? Most of them have self-esteem issues. Like me, they desperately long to strike a truce with themselves and … Continue reading

Monday Morning Truth: Fear of Feelings

I had a perfectly happy Saturday morning. Seriously. One of those mornings dotted with sighs of contentment because everything seems exactly right. Then a few hours later I found myself staring despondently out the window, trying not to cry, and thinking, I feel bad inside. Really bad. I didn’t know what caused the shift. I just … Continue reading

Eating Disorder Awareness (Part 2)

For those of you who have never suffered with an eating disorder, I can completely appreciate how difficult it must be for you to know what to say and do. So I forgive a lot of well-intended comments that actually are quite harmful. But occassionally people will ask me what they should say to someone they know who is struggling with … Continue reading

Eating Disorder Awareness (Part 1)

It’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and I wanted to start blogging about it with a really inspirational post, but I’m not feeling particularly inspirational. I feel tired. Broken. Defeated. Because I’ve hated my body for as long as I can remember. I remember sobbing in despair while I poked and pulled at my thighs and butt in junior … Continue reading

Perfectionism Series: Give Yourself Time

The thing about healing and recovering is that it’s usually slow progress, and it’s marked by setbacks and confusion and pain. A lot of pain. Spoiled by an instant-everything society, we want fast fixes. This is especially true for people like me who think that we should do everything perfectly–including healing–and that means healing almost instantaneously. “I should not still … Continue reading

Don’t Let the Setbacks Take You Down

Tonight’s one of those nights. You think you’re doing fine, and all the sudden…bam! You feel like you might fall apart. Sure, I could blame my job, because working 14 hour days will certainly strain a person. It’s reasonable that I feel tired and stressed. I also realize that’s just life sometimes. Yet I found myself … Continue reading

The Perfectionism Series

I read a really good book on perfectionism awhile back called The Perfectionist Predicament: How to Stop Driving Yourself and Others Crazy (one of the books listed on my Recommended Readings page). I just happened to come across it in a used book store, but I knew it was meant for me! Do you struggle with … Continue reading

Where is Your Heart

I refuse to let my life be consumed by a desire to be skinny, young, and pretty. It’s not easy to resist this, as we are force-fed hundreds of messages a day by the media and advertisers that we are just one magic this-or-that away from being the Barbie doll version of ourselves that we always dreamed … Continue reading