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The Not-So-Good Ol’ Days

Ian and I drove past a restaurant the other day. I don’t remember the name of it. We only went there once, a long time ago. It hit me how much has changed since we were there. The anxiety starts gnawing at my stomach the second he suggests going there. I don’t know what kind … Continue reading

Eating Disorder Awareness (Part 2)

For those of you who have never suffered with an eating disorder, I can completely appreciate how difficult it must be for you to know what to say and do. So I forgive a lot of well-intended comments that actually are quite harmful. But occassionally people will ask me what they should say to someone they know who is struggling with … Continue reading

Don’t Let the Setbacks Take You Down

Tonight’s one of those nights. You think you’re doing fine, and all the sudden…bam! You feel like you might fall apart. Sure, I could blame my job, because working 14 hour days will certainly strain a person. It’s reasonable that I feel tired and stressed. I also realize that’s just life sometimes. Yet I found myself … Continue reading