About Me

About me…Hmm, well, I’m just a girl trying to figure things out—God, life, myself, others, love, heartache…

I am a Christian who is grateful for the love and mercy of Jesus Christ because I need it. I am divorced from an abusive marriage and struggled with an eating disorder to varying degrees for over a decade. That is where I was at 6 years ago when I started this blogging adventure.

Today, I’m remarried to a wonderful man and have a toddler who keeps me on my toes. I’m recovered from my eating disorder and am now a therapist for others who are struggling with food and self-image issues.

As God works on me, I—a well-known perfectionist—am learning to appreciate life even with all its disappointments, frustrations, and yes, even the pain. Life is not perfect and neither am I, but I’m more okay with everything being a work in progress than I used to be! And that’s what this blog is about now.

Because there is a lot of beauty, love, and goodness in the world. And that’s what I run after every day.


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