It’s Time for a Time-Out

Sometimes you just need a break from a relationship. A breather…some space to re-evaluate what you’re getting out of it and whether it’s even worth it. I’ve decided I’m at that point.

TV, Facebook, Pinterest—I’m looking at you.grumpy cat

So I’m taking a step back from media. I’ve had the vague sense for a while now that it’s not a healthy thing for me. It’s a time-sucker. No, more than that.

It’s a life-sucker. Because time is life.

The hours I spend on that stuff is gone forever and so are the missed opportunities. What if I re-directed that energy to writing? Investing in my marriage? Spending time with the Lord? Helping others? These are what I really value in life, and so often I say I don’t have time for them.

False. (That’s ironically a shout-out to a beloved TV show in case you didn’t pick up on it.)

I’ve just chosen to spend that time on other, less important stuff.  Not that media is inherently evil…I have just given too much of myself away to the wrong things, and I want to do it differently from now on.

Like stupid TV shows. You know—the ones you’re wondering why you’re watching them even while you’re watching them. I can definitely do without those.

Social media might be harder, because of course, I’m a little afraid I’ll miss out. So I’ll probably still drop in once in a while. I want to see the pictures of my too-cute nephew in Texas. And I’ll still occasionally Pin yummy new recipes and laugh at a Grumpy Cat meme. It’s not a full break-up, just a cooling-off. But I think it will make a big difference.

Because it’s not only about the time…I just feel bad after immersing myself in too much media and I think it may contribute to my depression. I’m sorry Facebook friends, but it’s true. For all kinds of reasons that I won’t get into, your posts make me feel icky sometimes. And I’m not the only one. Studies are confirming that even a few minutes on Facebook hurts a lot of people’s self-esteem, and that even though 94% of teens are on Facebook, the majority actually hate it. While I feel connected through social media, I also have a sneaking suspicion that the connection I feel is mostly artificial. I can’t help but wonder…if I actually called or even texted people instead of relying on “Likes” and comments, would I actually have more connection? Or at least connection that’s more meaningful?

I guess I’ll soon find out.

Anyone else feel this way sometimes? Or have you done a media break before? What was it like?


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