Posted in November 2013

Perfectionism: Good or Bad? (Part 1)

For most of us who have it, perfectionism is probably both a blessing and a curse. The obvious upside is that perfectionism is associated with exceptional performance and achievement. Perfectionists tend to be driven to do whatever it takes to meet the high standards they set. But there are drawbacks to perfectionism too. In a … Continue reading

Why Not Just Forget It?

Most of us deal with our past in two ways. Either we get stuck there and let the wounds from it fester and spread infection, or we try to forget our past and minimize its impact on our lives. Most of the time, when I think about my past marriage, it’s like thinking about a … Continue reading

When to Hold ‘Em, When to Fold ‘Em

We all have had relationships in our lives that are consistently wounding. Maybe it’s with a critical mother, a narcissistic sister, or an unreliable friend. And you’ve tried to make it work, but you always just get more of the same. At some point, we have to ask the question, “If the other person won’t … Continue reading