Posted in September 2013

Preparing for Change – Part 2

Sweet  are the uses of adversity which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a  precious jewel in his head. ~ William Shakespeare Here are the rest of my pre-planning thoughts from the other day. #4. Be optimistic, but set realistic expectations. On some level, you have to believe that you can succeed or you won’t. … Continue reading

Preparing for Change – Part 1

I thought perhaps sharing some of what has walked across my brain in the last 48 hours might be helpful for someone else who is preparing for a big life change after a failure or disappointment. And if one of you has some wisdom to add, I encourage you to share. #1. Throw a pity party. … Continue reading

Getting in the Ring with Life

Come Friday, I’m unofficially unemployed. I applied a month or so ago for my dream job, but I found out yesterday that though I made their decision “incredibly difficult,” they ultimately chose another candidate. Once again, I felt huddled in the corner, unsuccessfully trying to avoid a bloody lip from Life’s foot. When does it get better, get … Continue reading