A Reality Check for My Girlfriends

I have several women in my life whom I am blessed enough to call 2AM friends…you know, the kind that I could call in the middle of the night if I needed to. They are incredible. Truly. But you know what? Most of them have self-esteem issues. Like me, they desperately long to strike a truce with themselves and their bodies, but it’s a continuous battle—one with no end in sight. They call themselves everything from “plain” to “utterly lazy and fat” and as I think about this, tears fill my eyes.

These women are lovely—beautiful on the outside, certainly, but even more so on the inside. They give me laughter—the hard-to-breathe kind that annoys other people when you’re in public. They cry with me when my heart is full of pain that I can hardly put into words. They love me when I feel anything but lovable, and they reflect God’s gentleness to me in their unexpected kindnesses. They give me strength and courage (the kind it takes to leave an abusive husband), not to mention a safe place to stay. They give me hope and remind me that I can do it—whatever “it” is. They inspire me. They touch my life in ways so meaningful that I can barely fathom what it would be like if our paths had not crossed. How lackluster and gray it seems life would be without them.

There is nothing wrong with or even “plain” about any of these remarkable women. The ordinariness of jobs, of house chores, and of routines are day-to-day distractions that smokescreen the under-realized but achingly powerful truth: They are nothing short of extraordinary.

Maybe you’re not one of my 2AM friends, but I bet you bring more beauty and joy to someone’s life than you realize. And that’s worth so much more than a size 4 pair of pants, flawless skin, or movie star hair.


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