Posted in February 2013

We Are Wounded

Life is incredibly difficult. The difficulties may take different forms for each of us, but all of our hearts ache from painful, unfulfilled should have beens. Or maybe it’s the should NOT have beens that have left the deepest wounds. Maybe it’s because something was taken from us, or maybe it’s because we gave pieces of ourselves away. … Continue reading

Picky, Picky…

As I’ve plunged face-first into the dating world over the last few months (and yeah, it’s been uhm, interesting), I’ve thought a lot about what kind of man I am looking for. After all I’ve been through, I’ve got quite the list, I assure you.   Lets me be myself. Makes me laugh. Like, pee my pants laugh. Is kind … Continue reading

Coffee and Sin at 1AM

Last night I made myself some coffee. As I was pouring my best friend into a mug, I noticed how incredibly, unusually dark it was. “Nice,” I thought to myself, “Liquid tar.” Being a pragmatic, I reasoned that I would just add a bit more creamer than usual. And so I did. But even I was drinking … Continue reading