Posted in October 2012

The Perfectionism Series

I read a really good book on perfectionism awhile back called The Perfectionist Predicament: How to Stop Driving Yourself and Others Crazy (one of the books listed on my Recommended Readings page). I just happened to come across it in a used book store, but I knew it was meant for me! Do you struggle with … Continue reading

Where is Your Heart

I refuse to let my life be consumed by a desire to be skinny, young, and pretty. It’s not easy to resist this, as we are force-fed hundreds of messages a day by the media and advertisers that we are just one magic this-or-that away from being the Barbie doll version of ourselves that we always dreamed … Continue reading

Gardening the Heart

I’ve been desperately trying to figure out what this intense fear of being fat is really about. (As a side note, I’m reading a couple of good books that are shedding some insight into the issue–more on that in another post.) Because I want to be someone who makes a difference in the lives of women. Who … Continue reading